Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Latest in Beauty Hip & Healthy Beauty Discovery Box

Today I received my Hip & Healthy box from Latest in Beauty, and I must say....WOW! Its jam packed full with lots of lovely treats. Hip & Healthy have teamed up with Latest in Beauty to bring us this great collection of must have health & beauty products (worth over £50) for £9.95 + p&p. 

First (and second) up we have Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm 40ml & Neom Organic Hand Cream 50ml. Balance Me products I love, I recently bought the Balance Me beauty box from You Beauty (yet to upload a review) which also has the face balm, but I'm happy to receive another one. Ive never heard of Neom before so excited to try out a new brand.

Next up is Teapigs Matcha Green Tea. I'm not much of a tea fan but this claims to be the worlds healthiest tea, so I might just give it a go. 1 serving = 15 cups normal green tea, can boost metabolism (always handy), extremely high in antioxidants and raises energy. Comes with a little leaflet about the product. Sample contains 2 servings.

Next in the box is Together Health Multi Vitamins. A high quality vitamin make with high quality natural foods, including carrots, whole citrus, pulp, and alfalfa. Also free from wheat, gluten, lactose, added sugars, synthetics and preservatives. This is a pack of 5 (although it says 30 on the packet?)

Nourish Golden Glow Face Shimmer. Totally organic, dual action cream containing golden mineral powers to give skin a vibrant, healthy glow. And Artic cloudberry to cleanse & smooth skin. This is a 2ml sample. Smells really nice and you can really see the shimmer in the lotion.

Next is a product I may or may not like. Bounce Natural Energy Ball (Coconut & Macadamia). I'm not a huge fan of coconut. I like the general taste of coconut but don't like the texture. I will put my irrational phobia of textured foods aside and try it however. This energy balls have no artificial ingredients, totally organic, makes a good energy fueling snack.

UPDATE: I love these little energy balls! I'm not sure if they gave me more energy but they are super tasty!

Another coconut product in the box is Jax Coco 100% Coconut Water. This comes in a really good sized  250ml pretty glass bottle. This is obviously a liquid so no texture problems here! I will definitely try this one. I remember as a kid we used to get whole coconuts and try our hardest to get them open to get the water inside. I wasn't very good and most times ended up spilling the water everywhere!

UPDATE: Not a fan of this to be honest. I didn't really enjoy the flavour of the water on its own so I added some Robinson's Fruit juice to it, and it then went down a treat. 

Also in my box is Rude Health Ultimate Granola. I love granola and have it often for breakfasts so this I will be having tomorrow I think. No artificial anythings! no added salt or refined sugars, just honey & date syrup to sweeten the granola. Love amazing, can't wait to try it!

UPDATE: Very tasty granola, just the right amount of honey to sweeten it. Would buy again.

The last two items are both powders which can be added to smoothies or milkshakes, or I can add to my granola! Omega 3 by Organic Super Blends. Alkalise your body, Energise the soul, feed your skin & protect the brain Omega. Gluten, dairy, soy, wheat and sugar free. 5g Sample.

Aduna Baobab known as the feel good fruit,  the African baobab contains fourteen essential vitamins and minerals. It is almost fifty percent fibre and has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. Has a unique sherbet-like citrussy flavour. 4.5g sample.

Before I forgot, also included is a Virgin Active Day Pass for a health club near you. So there we have it the lovely hip & healthy box from Latest in Beauty. Looking forward to trying this products out.

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