Friday, 4 April 2014

Makeup Revolution Mini Haul

Today I received these lovely goodies from the newly launched Makup Revolution. They offer a range of professional must have products at an affordable price - starting from just £1!

I have to admit I did have a little trouble placing my order. For some bizarre reason the checkout page wouldn't show if I was logged IN to my account, but worked fine if I was logged OUT. Took me 2 days and multiple attempts before I worked this out, and it seems I wasn't the only one to find it difficult to get to checkout page. I got there in the end however and I'm very excited to show you what I bought. Please excuse bad pictures my camera is well as truly past its best. New one on my birthday wishlist fro next month.

First up is a lovely Eye Shadow Palette called 'Hot Smoked' which I think is a close dupe of the Urban Decay's 'Smoked' Palette which you can see HERE. Makeup Revolution's palette has an extra 2 colours compared to the Urban Decay palette and is a fraction of the price coming in at £4.

Next I went for Focus & Fix Brow Kit in 'Light/Medium' I currently don't own any brow products. I've been meaning to get a brow pencil for what seems like forever now. This kit contains 3 powders and 1 wax cream, (all blendable to match your brow shade easily) along with an applicator brush and mini tweezers. This kit cost £2.50 

I couldn't decide whether to get a Lipstick or Lipgloss so I bought a combined one! Genius! This is called Lip Power in shade 'Yesterday's Favourite' - Handy for travel or nights out to pop in your handbag as it saves taking two separate products with you. Retails at £3. I also got a Kajal eyeliner. Easy application crayon, colour intensity can be built up for a long lasting smudge-proof look. This product is £2.

The brand offers 2 different foundations. The Matte Effect (available is 8 shades) and The One Foundation (available in 16 shades) I got both as I wasn't sure which foundation would work best for me. They are both very affordable £2 and £4 respectively. I wasn't breaking the bank to get both so why not right? I went for the lightest shade 'Ivory' for The Matte Effect and 'Shade 3' for The One Foundation. Both appear to blend well when tested on the back of my hand, here's hoping they will both work well when applied to the face!

Lastly I went for 2 nail polishes. The one on the left is a Glitter Polish available in 10 shades which cost £1.50. I opted for 'Lover Boy'. It's a beautiful teal shade - this photo doesn't do it justice. On the right we have a shade called 'Wanted'. It's a lovely bluey colour. This polish is £1 and comes in 40 different colours!

Overall this little bundle cost £20. I'm sure I will be spending another £20 again soon as there are still so many products I want to try from the range available. Highlighers, blushers, bronzers, mascaras, eye primers.....lots and lots of palettes and single eyeshadows & eye dusts. The list goes on...

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