Monday, 25 August 2014

Memebox Hair & Body 2

MEMEBOX for those of you who don't know is the top Korean beauty online retailer in the world. They provide many types of beauty boxes, and currently ship to 51 countries.
(Standard Shipping 10-20 business days $6.99, Express Shipping 3-7 business days $25.99)

MEMEBOX - The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full-sized products and deluxe samples.
SUPERBOX - Each Superbox comes with it’s own theme, and contains only full-sized items!
COLLABORATIONS - Each month, Meme team up with style icons to curate special limited Superboxes featuring each collaborator's favorite items - these boxes tend to sell out fast!

What makes Memebox different from other beauty boxes is there is no subscription! Order from Memebox when you want, as often as you want....but trust me when I say, they are addictive! New boxes are added weekly and it comes as a kind of pre-order. Some boxes will be shipping in the next few weeks but some for sale right now aren't shipping until November! However the shipping date is always advertised. 

This is the first Memebox I bought - Hair & Body 2 - which was $23 + $6.99 shipping. When I signed up back in June they had a $10 point sign up bonus so I used this as discount towards this box meaning I only paid $19.99 (£12.15) This box was shipped on 20th June and arrived on 28th June, for standard shipping that's really good!
 The contents of the box. Also included in every box is an info card - a lot of the products don't have English text so this card comes in very handy!

KOCOSTAR Foot Therapy 40ml ($9)
This is my favourite item in the box. It is basically a pair of translucent socks which contains a gel like substance inside. You wear this for 60-90 minutes and then wash off the remaining gel with warm water. The next few days you will see the dead skin on your feet start to peel. Its totally gross but interesting at the same time! My feet felt so soft after using this.

HELLOEVERYBODY Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment 30ml (full size 220ml $38)
The Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment will revitalize and bring back the shine and luster to coarse, damaged hair with its gentle yet effective formula containing 10 kinds of berry extracts. These smell really good, but its no wonder with all those berries! The shampoo lathered really well and both left my hair very soft. I can get a few uses out of these for my long hair.

BOUTIQE BEBE Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence 60ml ($31)

A high-quality hair essence offering a real hair salon treatment right in your home, Boutique Bebe's argan oil essence will instantly deliver nutrition and hydration to give a healthy glow to your hair.  I used this on the ends of my hair whilst still damp but it can also be used throughout the day on dry hair.

EVAS COSMETICS Body Net 7Days Project 200ml ($6)

Revitalize everyday with these energizing body gels enriched with various gifts from the mother nature.  Each day has a different scent, randomly selected from grapefruit, rose, deep sea water, iris, berry complex, honey and phytoncide.  I got Sunday which is Iris. It's an ok body wash but nothing special, smells nice though.

VIDANAIL L.vida Lavender Oil 10ml ($10) 
This cute bottle is a lavender scented nail oil.  It not only nourishes and protects your damaged nails but also includes real lavender pieces inside for a visual effect as well.

LABEL YOUNG Shocking Holjjuki 100ml ($21)

I have yet to use this, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to body slimming creams. It claims to works to remove any unnecessary residues piled up deep within your skin for a sleeker, more even textured body line.  Enriched with natural ingredients such as green tea extracts and algae extracts. I will give it a try one day.

Overall this box is worth $87 which is around £52. If you would like to try Memebox there are a few boxes at the moment that you can get points back when you buy through my referral link Here or click the banner below. You will also get 2 points (worth $2 when you sign up) Also feel free to use the codes below.

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  1. Great review - love the look of these boxes because the products seem so different to what you'd get in the UK! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thanks Evelyn. I have come across a few odd but interesting items with these boxes. I have 6 more box reviews to go up... definitely becoming addicted already! xx