Wednesday, 24 September 2014

CutiePieMarzia MEMEBOX Collaboration #4 BOX NOW LIVE!!

Memebox are doing a second collaboration box with Cutie Pie Marzia!! Don't miss out - this box is available to buy now!!

  • The first collaboration with CutiePieMarzia sold out fast. This 2nd box is predicted to also sell out quick!
  • CutiePieMarzia's box is packed with the most darling items ever!
  • Shipping date 23rd October

Get your CutiePieMarzia box HERE

Remember to use code 8FLU to get $5 off purchase.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I missed the first one and it looked super cute :)

    ♥ Jess | glitterbat . net

    1. Your welcome. I missed the first one too, will be refreshing the link like mad when its close to the time! x

  2. I'm undecided after purchasing two Memeboxes yesterday. I need to investigate reviews of the previous box before 5pm and decide!

    1. ooh which ones did you go for? I think I have 25 waiting to be dispatched!!! And they keep adding more boxes that i want! My bank balance doesnt like me...neither does my postie! haha x