Thursday, 29 May 2014

Graze Kid's Goody Box Review

Who says only kids can get a goodie box of treats? The 'Graze Goody Box' is specially created for kids (suitable for kids aged three and up) but I decided to try it out for myself. Why not right? I've previously tried other boxes from graze and always enjoyed the yummy things I've received.

Graze offer a variety of tasty snacks which are delivered straight to your door (or workplace) and easily fit through most letterboxes so you don't even have to be home to accept delivery.

As well as the kid's goody box, Graze also do a breakfast box with a range of granola's, porridge and muesli or you can try their original box which gives you a wider range of snacks such as little puddings, flapjacks, popcorn, dried fruit, nuts and seeds just to name a few. Once you've chosen which box you want you can then personalise it to your likes/dislikes. You rate which foods you 'Love', 'Like', want to 'Try' or want to 'Bin'. Graze will never send anything in your 'Bin' list.

Their site is so easy to use, and you can choose how often you want your boxes delivered (twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly etc) There is also the option to book a holiday if your not going to be home for your normal delivery and of course its easy to cancel if you don't want to continue deliveries.

Here is what I got in my box

 Each snack comes in it's own little box - very handy for popping in your bag for a treat on the go.

Treasure Chest - peach fruit strings, orange chocolate raisins and cranberries.

Very Berry Blast - yoghurt coated strawberry pieces, raspberry fruit strings, cherry infused raisins and cranberries.

Summer Berry Flapjacks - rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries.

Crunch Bunch- corn chips and poppyseed pretzels.

To be honest the contents are very similar to what I could of got in the ordinary box, but the names are more exciting and fun for kids to encourage them to eat more fruits & nuts and try different foods. I'm a child at heart so even I find the names fun, and I just love those little fruit strings :)

If you'd like to sign up to Graze, whether it be for yourself or your little one, 
you can get your first box for FREE! 
Normal box price is £3.99. Just click the banner below (new customers only) 

Free Graze Box


  1. I love Graze!


    1. Its great getting little treats delivered, I just need to stop myself eating them all at once! x

  2. i love graze boxes, the shortbread they do is delicious!

    from helen at

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    1. ooh i haven't tried the shortbread yet...

      Wow what a great giveaway, I will take a look x