Monday, 12 May 2014

Love Me Beauty May 2014

Every month you get to choose between three 'menus' from the Boutique, each with a slightly different choice of products. I like that you know exactly what you are going to receive in your box and can choose a menu that is more personally suited to your beauty needs. For £10 a month (+ £2.95 p&p) you get a good selection of sample & full size products. If you would like to join I'd love it if you sign up using my referral link Here

I was in two minds about this months Love Me Beauty box. Originally a beauty box, it has now turned into more of a lifestyle box. I'm not opposed to this but would prefer if it stayed as purely beauty. Here is what I received in my box. I choose menu 3.

May 2014 Love Me Beauty Menu 3

First is yet another nail varnish. Its hard to get excited about nail varnishes as they seems to be making an appearance in a lot of beauty boxes these days and I have gathered a rather large collection. Its maybe time I started painting my nails once in a while. Nail Girls in 'Nude Pink' is a 10ml product 15ml retails at £13.50 (although can be found on other online sites for half this). I have to say though it is a pretty colour.

Next up is a product I'm much more excited about. I love lip balms. This Natural Lip Balm by Raw Skincare in the flavour 'Rescue Me' is a scentless balm, which moisturises, soothes and calms sore dry lips. It also creates a barrier to protect lips and allow the skins natural healing process to take place. A very affordable £1.98 full size.

I have been wanting to try some products in the Suti range so was happy to see this in the box. Trial Pack by Suti contains 4ml samples of Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm & Fabulous Foot Balm. LMB claims this is worth £6.50 however on the Suti website HERE the trial pack for £6.50 also contains 4ml trial size of Rejuvenate Face Oil, Nourish Face Oil & 2ml trial size of Honour Face Cream. So this kinda leaves me feeling a little cheated.

This is not something I would expect to find in a beauty box. Go Stationery Pocket Notebooks pack of 3 'Meadow Bird' retails for £5. Nothing to get hugely excited about really, small unlined books, good for popping in your handbag.

Lastly is 3 samples of Tea Pigs 'Super Fruit' Tea each retailing at 65p. Im not a huge tea lover but I will give these a go

So there we have it. LMB estimates this box has a value of £24.43 although I'd say its closer to under the £20 mark. Still value for the money I paid for the box. Not one of the best boxes, bit disappointing this month I have to say. Lets hope next month is back on top form.

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